Ted Danson Talks "Ethics" of 'The Good Place,' His 18th Emmy Nomination

Danson received his 18th Emmy nomination for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series for 'The Good Place.'

Ted Danson is in a very good place after receiving his 18th Emmy nomination for his role in NBC's The Good Place. The veteran nominee, noted for his long-running turn as Sam Malone on Cheers, landed himself in the outstanding lead actor in a comedy series category, and spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what drew him to the series. 

"Here's what I love about [the show.] It's about decency, it's about ethics, it's about your actions have consequences," Danson said. "Everything you do, that action goes out into the universe and whatever amount of good or bad it creates, there are consequences. Somebody's paying attention.”

Danson’s role as Michael, an architect who constructs neighborhoods for those entering the afterlife, has continued to evolve with each season's twist. The actor explained that it’s always fun to play a character who rips the rug out from under viewers. 

“[With Michael], you go, 'Oh, that kind of Willy Wonka nice guy act was a [ploy] and he's really a demon having the best time torturing people.' But seeing the second season you saw behind the curtain,” said Danson. "It was kind of that season for me where it was sky's the limit."

Danson recounted how The Good Place creator Mike Schur convinced him to coyly wrap up the second season by getting back behind the bar as an ode to his character on Cheers

"[Schur] asked, 'Do you mind?’ No, I don't. Then I went and I minded. I was sweating and I was nervous and I felt unsure of myself, which is basically how I feel in a bar anyway," he joked. 

Watch the video above to hear Danson offer his advice on how we can help heal the ocean, how his wife convinces him to change his look and more.