Ted Hope Exiting San Francisco Film Society

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Ted Hope

After 14 months on the job, which includes overseeing the San Francisco International Film Festival, he has decided to return to producing.

Ted Hope is stepping down as executive director of the San Francisco Film Society at the end of the year to return to producing and other entrepreneurial activities. He’s occupied the post, which includes overseeing the San Francisco International Film Festival, since August, 2012 when he recruited to succeed Bingham Ray, who passed away in January of that year.

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In announcing Hope’s upcoming departure, SFFS said that he will work with the staff and the board to facilitate a smooth transition and will join the SFFS Advisory Board to assist in guiding the Film Society in the future. The board of directors has begun a search for a new executive director.

Hope, who moved from New York where he’d been a prolific presence on the indie film scene to take up the position, said, “When I came to San Francisco after producing so many films, it surprised some that I wanted to lead a non-profit organization. Over the past 14 months I've come to realize that as much as I fully embrace the mission of the Film Society, my passion is more entrepreneurial.” He and his wife Vanessa plan to remain in the Bay Area as he returns to producing.

SFFS board president David Winton said, "The Film Society has been fortunate to have Ted Hope at its helm. He brought with him a lot of great ideas about expanding our already considerable role in promoting film culture given so much disruptive change in media, and we are grateful for his tenure and guidance. We are happy to have Ted's continued creative input as he steps into his new role on our Advisory Board.”

The next edition of the San Francisco Film Festival is set to run from April 24 to May 8.