Ted Nugent Endorses Mitt Romney, Somewhat Unenthusiastically

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The rocker backs the GOP candidate days after anti-Obama tirade.

Ted Nugent has announced his support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but he's not exactly singing the Republican frontrunner's praises.

"After a long heart&soul conversation with Mitt Romney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him," Nugent wrote on Twitter Friday.

However, Nugent told the Houston Chronicle that he'd rather be backing Texas Governor Rick Perry, who left the race earlier this year.

“If the real Rick Perry had been at those debates, he would still be in the race,” Nugent said. “It is my firm belief that Rick Perry would have [made] and would make the best president we could choose.”

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Nugent told the paper that Romney pledged that there would be no new gun laws in his administration, and said that he called to inform the candidate of his decision while perusing a sporting goods store in his home stage of Michigan, where he was, "celebrating the orgy of guns and ammos and bows and arrows and camouflage clothing and hunting and fishing and outdoor family supplies.”

The rocker told Phoenix radio host Mike Broomhead that Obama is an "America hater" working to "destroy freedom," and said that having Tim Geithner serve as Secretary of the Treasury was like have Jeffrey Dahmer run a children's playground.

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