Ted Nugent to Meet With Secret Service Agents Investigating His NRA Remarks (Video)

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After his "chop their heads off" metaphor, the rocker tells Glenn Beck: "I don't threaten. I don't waste breath threatening."

In the wake of delivering an incendiary speech at an NRA convention, Ted Nugent said he will discuss his remarks with Secret Service agents on Thursday in Oklahoma where the rock star will be rehearsing for an upcoming concert.

Nugent, a conservative activist, has been criticized by his political opposites since he used violent metaphors over the weekend to describe what he considers an urgent need to defeat President Barack Obama in the November election.

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After his passionate NRA speech, reports surfaced that the Secret Service was looking into Nugent’s rhetoric. On Wednesday, the rocker confirmed the accuracy of those reports during a segment on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

“We actually have heard from the Secret Service,” Nugent told Beck. “They have a duty, and I salute them. I support them. And I’m looking forward to our meeting tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a fine gathering backstage in Oklahoma.”

Beck, who also spoke at the NRA convention, played some of Nugent’s speech on his radio show Wednesday before asking Nugent for clarification on some points.

“Our president and attorney general, our vice president (and) Hillary Clinton, they’re criminals,” Nugent told the NRA faithful. “We’re Americans because we defied the king… We are patriots. We are Braveheart. We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.”

“What exactly are you planning in November?” Beck asked sarcastically, given his co-hosts already determined that Nugent was speaking metaphorically.

“You know, that’s the season of harvest,” Nugent joked.

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“Isn’t it fascinating that the author of 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang' has to explain the words that I use?” said Nugent, referencing one of his odder song titles. “We vote this November – a critical life-or-death vote. You know, every reference I made, whether it was ‘a shot across the bow’ or ‘targeting the enemy,’ (I) always ended the sentence with, ‘in November, at the voting booth.’”

Nugent said that he “reveres” law enforcement and, in fact, it's a profession that has been a part of his life for three decades.

“I’ve been a sheriff’s deputy in Lake County Michigan since 1982 and I conduct federal raids in Texas with the federal marshals, the ATF, the FBI and the Texas Rangers, catching fugitive felons,” he told Beck. “See, that’s what I do for recreation. I mean, you go bowling, I tackle rapists.”

Nugent said powerful Democrats like Sens. Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid -- the “lunatic fringe” -- demanded an investigation after his NRA remarks.

“The Secrect Service, when they’re told to investigate, even silly things that couldn’t possibly be construed as any type of threat whatsoever -- I respect their duty to investigate,” Nugent said.

Video of the radio segment is below.

“The bottom line is, Glenn, I’ve never threatened anybody’s life in my life,” Nugent said. “I don’t threaten. I don’t waste breath threatening. I just conduct myself as a dedicated We-the-People activist because I have saluted too many flag-draped coffins to not appreciate where the freedom comes from. The Nugent family is a totally non-violent, peace-and-love, rock-n’-roll, working-hard, playing-hard American family.”

Toward the end of the segment, Nugent seemed to well up as he described how a fallen Navy SEAL asked in his will that Nugent perform at his funeral. Nugent said he was set to fulfill that request when somebody “very high up” in the military “uninvited” him.

"I was uninvited in defiance of a dead Navy SEAL's request," Nugent said. "I just don't know what country this is."

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