Ted Nugent's Trump Endorsement: He's a "Glowing Middle Finger" to Politicians

Ted Nugent - Getty - H 2016
John Shearer/Getty Images

Still, the rocker admits: "Nobody believes Trump is a conservative."

Ted Nugent isn't the only celebrity outwardly supporting Donald Trump, but he's certainly one of the most vocal.

In a brief interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the rocker is none too pleased with conservatives in the entertainment industry who won't stand up for their principles in liberal Hollywood.

Why do you support Trump over more conservative candidates, even over candidates more supportive of the Second Amendment, which I know is an important issue for you?

As usual, misinformation runs amok. … I also support Ted Cruz. This just in: Nobody believes Trump is a conservative, but he is the only candidate to admit he carries — i.e., keeps and bears — a firearm. He has also been the only one to excoriate the insane policy of denying our U.S. military hero warriors their Second Amendment rights on military bases. Listen closely to someone attempt to explain how the best-trained warriors in the world don't qualify to be armed when they are willing to die for our right to do so. Welcome to Alfred E. Neuman's Planet of the Cuckoo's Nest.

Do you think there are some in the entertainment industry who support Trump but are too timid to say so?

I know it for a fact, but vowed to not "out" them. To balk at performing our we-the-people responsibilities to demand accountability from our elected employees is America's greatest sin. Pussies.

Do you think support for Trump in the entertainment industry is wider than it is for the other GOP candidates?

I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. He represents a glowing middle finger to the embarrassing status-quo politics, and everyone I know truly loves a good, glowing middle finger aimed directly at the most deserving.

Do you think Trump can get Hollywood's liberals to support him?

No, because liberals are a lost cause. Once a denier, always a denier.