Ted Turner Claims He's at the 'Edge of Poverty'

Ted Turner - 2009
Getty Images

Media mogul insists he's given so much to charity that he's concerned about his own funeral costs.

 Philanthropist and media mogul Ted Turner claims he's been so giving in his life that he's running out of cash for himself.

"I'm one of the few examples of a very wealthy person that's given himself to the edge of poverty," he said on Wednesday's Morning Joe program.

The man who once pledged $1 billion to the United Nations says he is "happy" to give money away to most anyone who visits his office. Turner did note that he has "a few million left."

But he expressed concern about burdening his family with funeral expenses.

"I don't want to leave my family with an unpaid funeral bill. I'm trying to save a little bit of money to at least cover my expenses," he said.

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