Ted Turner Praises Mitt Romney, Despite Differing Views (Video)

Ted Turner - 2009
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Speaking with Piers Morgan on the cable network he founded 32 years ago, the mogul says the Republican would "make a good president."

Ted Turner, the Mouth of the South known politically for his diehard liberalism for the past several decades, said presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney would “make a good president.”

Speaking to Piers Morgan on CNN Thursday night, Turner said he hasn’t officially “endorsed” a candidate since he founded CNN in 1980, but he doesn’t mind talking about them.

“I would say about Mitt Romney, I think he’s a real gentleman,” Turner said. “I think he’s been very successful, I think he’s really smart. I don’t agree with everything that he believes, but I agree with a lot of it, and I think that he’d probably make a good president.”

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Turner also reminisced about the fateful merger of AOL and Time Warner, after which he lost “$10 million a day for three years, counting holidays.”

“It felt bad,” he said. “But I stayed at the company, and stayed on the board of directors to try and mitigate the losses as much as I possibly could, to do what I could to help, and as a result I lost even more because, when the stockholders sued the company, I wasn’t part of that suit because I was on the board, and that cost me several hundred million dollars. But I have my honor. I had my honor at the end of it, which not everybody in the media business can say.”

Watch video of both segments below.

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