Ted Turner's Birthday Save-the-Dates Are Snow Globes — of Himself (and His 3 Labs) (Photo)

Turner and his three Labradors under a dome.

Inside the snow-globe reminder of his 75th birthday fete on Nov. 23 at the Atlanta InterContinental, the mini media mogul wears jeans, a denim shirt and a sheepskin jacket.

This story first appeared in the Oct. 11 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. 

Ted Turner sent out a snow globe -- of himself -- as a save-the-date to flag attendees for his 75th birthday fete at the Atlanta InterContinental on Saturday, Nov. 23. (His actual birthday is four days earlier.)

The personalized kitsch orb features Turner as wilderness man, no doubt roaming one of his 14 ranches, in jeans, a denim shirt, a tan sheepskin-lined parka and tall brown boots. Also under the dome are Turner's three Labradors, two black and one golden. Will ex-wife Jane Fonda attend?

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Her camp isn't commenting, but she did turn up for Turner's 70th at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Better question: Whether all four of his rotating girlfriends will make the shindig. As the mogul with an irregular heartbeat condition said in recent years, "It's better to be old than dead."