Teen Defends Auschwitz Selfie: 'I Don't Regret Taking It' (Video)


Breanna Mitchell says she's received death threats after taking a picture of herself smiling in front of the concentration camp.

This may go down as the most infamous selfie in history.

Last month Breanna Mitchell tweeted a photo of herself smiling in front of Auschwitz, but the backlash didn't start pouring in until this week, when the image went viral.  On Monday, Mitchell defended the picture, which she says has earned her death threats. 

She told Pivot's Meghan McCain she learned about World War II from her late father and has an intense interest in it. She added that she doesn't regret the photo.

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"Honestly I don't think I would do anything differently, just because I didn't mean any harm," Mitchell said. "And I've told everyone my story behind it. So the that's the only reason why I don't regret taking it."

Watch the video from TakePart Live below.

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