Teen Vogue Writer Designs T-Shirt, Donates Profits to Planned Parenthood in Fox News Anchor's Name

Tucker Carlson and Lauren Duca - Split - Getty - H 2017
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Lauren Duca, who famously took on Tucker Carlson during a guest appearance on his show, has already raised $10k in the host's name.

Teen Vogue contributor Lauren Duca made a splash last December when her op-ed "Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America" went viral and put the magazine on the map as a source for both intelligent political discussion as well as for the top prom dress trends. 

Not everyone agreed with Duca's take on Trump, however. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, invited Duca on his show to elaborate on her op-ed, which he vehemently disagreed with. As their discussion progressed, Carlson began to belittle Duca's credibility by listing other subjects she's covered for Teen Vogue, including the now-infamous topic of Ariana Grande's thigh-high boots. 

Like her Teen Vogue article, footage of "Tucker Carlson vs. Lauren Duca" went viral, with many applauding Duca's composure and supporting her argument that taking an interest in fashion does not mean you cannot also take an interest in politics. 

"A woman can love Ariana Grande and her thigh-high boots and still love politics," she said. "Those things are not mutually exclusive."

The comment led to Duca's weekly political column for the teen magazine, "Thigh High Politics," and also sparked her collaboration with progressive apparel brand The Outrage. The writer designed a T-shirt featuring — what else — a depiction of thigh-high boots alongside the phrase "I like my politics thigh-high." She is donating 100 percent of the proceeds from each $32 shirt to Planned Parenthood.

The kicker? Duca is making the donation in Carlson's name, and she's already raised $10,000.