Teitler to produce Korea's 'Robot Taekwon V'


SEOUL -- Veteran Hollywood producer William Teitler has signed on to executive produce South Korea's entry in the giant robot genre, "Robot Taekwon V."

Directed by Won Shin-yeon ("A Bloody Aria"), "Taekwon V" will be a live-action film with extensive computer graphics and special effects and will be produced by veteran Korean producer Shin Chul and Robot Taekwon V Co. on a budget of about $20 million.

The story of a 184-foot-tall giant fighting robot, "Robot Taekwon V" made its debut in 1976 as an animated feature, directed by Kim Cheong-gi, and was later distributed in the U.S. as "Voltar the Invincible."

The new feature is a sequel to the original movie, beginning 32 years after that story. The hero of the original, a young boy named Kim Hoon, is now a down-at-the-heels businessman who is in a bad marriage and has a terrible boss. The movie is the story of Hoon's return to the giant robot and his search for redemption.

The story is based on a five-volume comic book series that was published in April and was commissioned by Shin. Shin said he is aiming for a summer 2010 opening.

Although "Taekwon V" will be a Korean-language project with entirely Korean financing, Teitler said that as the film gets further along in its development, they will be looking for global partners and strategic alliances.

Teitler also said that he sees much potential to cross over to international audiences and hopes the film will lay the foundations for other projects.