Tele Munchen/Concorde Grab German Rights to 'Asterix And Obelix – God Save Britannia'

Concorde competitor Constantin bowed the last 'Asterix' feature.


BERLIN – Herbert Kloiber's Tele Munchen Group has acquired German rights to Asterix And Obelix – God Save Britannia, the new 3D take on the popular Gauls vs. Romans franchise which France's Laurent Tirard is set to begin shooting this Spring.

Gerard Depardieu returns as the rotund, invincible Obelix in the new feature with French Grande Dame Catherine Deneuve crossing the channel to play the British Queen.

Tele Munchen's distribution arm Concorde will release the film in Germany in late 2012.

Concorde competitor Constantin bowed the last Asterix feature: Asterix at the Olympic Games to a respectable $11 million take in the German market. Constantin also handled the first in the Asterix live action franchise: Asterix & Obelix vs. Caesar, which earned some $18 million back in 1999.

But Constantin has reduced its international acquisitions of late, focusing instead on in-house productions, such as its Resident Evil franchise and the Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming Three Musketeers reboot to fill its slate.

Tele Munchen and Concorde have stepped into the gap, acquiring big-name titles including the Twilight series and Martin Scorcese's Shutter Island, films that helped the group to a record $91 million (€69 million) result last year.

Concorde also knocked Constantin off its perch as Germany's number-one independent distributor, taking a 8% total share of the territory's box office in 2010.