Telemundo hits road to target buyers

Will focus on individual advertisers like sister NBC

Telemundo executives will hit the road beginning next week in a series of one-on-one sales meetings that will mirror the efforts of sister network NBC.

The Spanish-language broadcaster is working hard to carve out its share in the market dominated by Univision. Among the weapons in its arsenal are 10 straight months of ratings growth, the growth of the Latino market in the U.S. and its four-year track record of producing its own content. That means, among other things, that Telemundo can offer advertisers product integration in primetime where other networks can't.

"We're in a unique position to take advantage of these client development meetings," said Michael Rodriguez, senior vp sales at Telemundo.

Rodriguez and his team will be taking to the road beginning Monday for a five-city tour of marketers and ad agencies. Los Angeles is the first stop. The process will be similar to what NBC will be doing. Instead of a big upfront presentation in mid-May during Upfront Week in Manhattan, Telemundo will focus on individual presentations as a way of telling advertisers what to expect.

Unlike English-language networks, it's not news that Telemundo will be following a 52-week programming schedule. At their upfront presentations, Spanish-language networks often show elements of their schedule for a year or more. There aren't any repeats, even in the summer. And because the primetime lineup is devoted to telenovelas, the advertisers will be shown four or five projects that Telemundo is working on for the new year.

Telemundo expects to take the feedback from the one-on-one meetings back to headquarters and then, in late April or early May, announce its programming for the year.

The final stop before upfront selling will be NBC Uni's May 12 party, which instead of being focused on NBC as it has been in years past will include the entire company, including Telemundo.