Televisa eyes dolares for U.S.


A Grupo Televisa executive said Tuesday that there could be a big investment in the U.S. in his company's future.

Speaking at the UBS conference, Televisa CFO Salvi Folch said any big investment by his company would have to be in the U.S. because deals in other countries normally don't involve as much money. With this in mind, Folch said that an opportunity could present itself for the Latin American media conglomerate to spend a significant amount of cash in a stateside deal.

Last month, Televisa signed a co-production deal with Canadian producer Lionsgate. Folch said the agreement will focus more on film than TV production.

Folch added that his company's long-running lawsuit with Univision over royalties will go to trial in March and that the companies are continuing to talk. The two have been in litigation for more than two years. Folch said he could not comment much on Univision, saying only that Televisa has an agreement with the network until 2017.

He also didn't rule out future investments in Univision but said any investments will be made "because it is good for our shareholders." Televisa was mentioned as a possible suitor for Univision before that company was sold to private-equity group Broadcasting Media Partners in March.