Televisa takes wrap off new series


MEXICO CITY -- Mexican media giant Televisa is revamping its 2007 television lineup with innovative content, marking a new era of programming for the nation's top broadcaster.

Among the new shows Mexico's top network will launch next year is "La Hora Marcada," a mystery series inspired by a popular sci-fi program produced by Televisa in the 1980s.

Also slated to air next year is immigration-themed "Si me Muero Lejos de ti," one of several non-traditional telenovelas that the network is developing. While Televisa will continue to produce traditional soaps, it is looking to experiment more with the so-called neo-telenovela genre.

Executive producer Rosy Ocampo said Thursday that much of the new programming is unprecedented. "Televisa is entering a new era in the sense that we want to offer innovative content with the idea of making formattable series," she said.

Also set to bow on Televisa next year is "Los 5 Magnificos," a reality competition featuring five acrobats, and "La Pantera," an action comedy that centers on a vigilante. Other shows that could make a big splash are dramedy "Mujeres," which Ocampo describes as a cross between "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City," and "RBD: La Familia," a sitcom based on hit teen novela "Rebelde" and its offshoot pop group, RBD.

Earlier this week, Televisa held a special event to present the new content to 75 buyers from some 60 nations in Latin America and Europe.