Ten memorable Emmy night moments

VIDEO: Highlights and lowlights from recent ceremonies


2009: Jimmy Fallon bites the dust

This year's Primetime Emmys host Jimmy Fallon enlisted the help of AutoTune to steal the show at last year's 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.

2009: Sarah Silverman dons mustache

Sarah Silverman's decidedly macho look at the 61st Emmy Awards made even presenter Justin Timberlake lose focus while reading the names of nominees.

2008: Ricky Gervais repossesses Steve Carell's Emmy

Sharp-tongued British funnyman Ricky Gervais retrieves his "stolen" 2007 Emmy from Steve Carell, who should get an Emmy for keeping a straight face during the mock confrontation.

2007: Lewis Black lets loose on television executives

Comedian Lewis Black blasts network executives' "bad ideas" and calls for better television in a smart, spot-on Emmy rant.

2004: Elaine Stritch speaks her mind

This golden girl's golden moment is fun and funny, filled with equal parts class and crass (watch for a quick gentlemanly assist from George Lopez).

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2008: Josh Grobin torpedoes theme show medley

It may have sounded good on paper, but Josh Grobin's cringe-inducing merry medley of timeless TV themes sunk quicker than his over-the-top rendition of the theme to "The Love Boat."

2007: Katherine Heigl outs her mother

"Grey's Anatomy's" outstanding supporting actress in a drama series winner Katherine Heigl reacted by uttering an expletive before giving an acceptance speech that included the cringe-inducing confession: "My own mother told me I didn't have a shot in hell of winning tonight."

2007: "Family Guy" misses the mark

The 2007 Emmys opened with an animated atrocity featuring "Family Guy's" Brian Griffin and Stewie in a musical number, "You Can Find It on TV," that name-dropped hit series with flat jokes and a silly show tune.

2006: Donald Trump and Megan Mullally ham it up

At the 58th annual Emmy Awards, tone deaf Donald Trump and Megan Mullally offered a 60-second flat and screechy musical tribute to "Green Acres" that went on for 59 seconds too long.

2005: Kristen Bell's unsuccessful claim to "Fame"

Kristen Bell asked us not to forget her name during her forgettable '80s inspired "Fame" number in 2005.