Tenacious D: Festival Supreme Is 'The Greatest Comedy Music Event in the History of Civilization' (Video)

The inaugural event will take place at the Santa Monica Pier on October 19 and feature more than 25 acts.

As American music festivals have grown increasingly common and popular, somehow the joke bands were largely forgotten. Tenacious D, Spinal Tap, Flight of the Concords, Lonely Island -- where's their festival to rock? 

Enter: Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the dynamic duo behind "The Greatest Band in the World," Tenacious D, and now Festival Supreme, the world's first daylong music and comedy festival. 

Unfortunately, those three other top tier artists declined The D's invitation, Black recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "But everybody else said yes. And I mean everybody. ... This is still, like, the greatest comedy music event in the history of human civilization."

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Of course, it's easy to claim the best lineup when you're first in the lane. Still, Festival Supreme looks likely to impress. The Oct. 19 inaugural event will take over the Santa Monica Pier for a day of laughs and a roster that's grown to 26 acts across three stages. Aside from that troublesome twosome, the fest will feature sets from Zach Galifianakis, Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, the Mr. Show Experience, Fred Armisen, The Mighty Boosh, Reggie Watts, Eric Idle, Hannibal Buress, Will Forte, Demetri Martin, Patton Oswalt, Tim and Eric and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, among others. 

In preparation of The D's Festival Supreme, THR sat down with Black and Gass to get a sense of how this big idea came together and wound up leaving with a new theme song.

Watch the video below.