China's Tencent Pictures Partners With Legendary, Wanda Cinemas

Warcraft Monster - H 2015
Courtesy of Dunan Jones/@manmademoon

Warcraft Monster - H 2015

The Chinese giant will partner on Legendary's upcoming big-budget video game adaptation 'Warcraft.'

Tencent Pictures, the film investment banner of Chinese online giant Tencent, has revealed new partnerships with Legendary Pictures and Wanda Cinemas.

The deal with Legendary will see Tencent partner on the production of upcoming video game adaptation Warcraft, according to the announcement.

Wanda's deal will involve using China's largest cinema chain to host marketing and promotional activities.

Tencent was among the investors in Monster Hunt, which recently became the most successful film in Chinese cinemas, and has been making a major play into the entertainment business. Just today a partnership with Hong Kong's Celestial Pictures was revealed that will see the two remake the 1976 Shaw Brothers classic The Magic Blade.

Earlier this month Tencent set up production banner Penguin Pictures to "engage in the self-production of primarily online dramas, minority investments in movies, as well as to develop our own talent pool of artists."