Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon and Steve Martin Slap Each Other in Fake Soap Opera 'Tensions'

"Why did you blink? I need answers, and I don't need lies."

On Thursday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short reminisced about the (fake) '90s soap opera they starred in together called Tensions.

Fallon and Short said they'd co-starred as husband and wife Maxwell and Lillian Vanderbilt because there were no women in Hollywood at the time. "I remember producers wanted to make every single moment as tense as possible," said Short. "It was too tense, for no reason," said Fallon, before introducing the "old" episodes he recently had rediscovered.

The clips involve Short's Lillian getting mad at Fallon's Maxwell for doing the most mundane, daily things. "A likely story that you're eating a sandwich," said Short in the first episode. In the second one, Fallon blinked. "Why did you blink?" said Short in mock anguish. I need answers, and I don't need lies." Each episode ended with Short slapping and throwing water in Fallon's face. Steve Martin made an appearance in the final clip, and things got very slap-happy as Tensions earned its name.