Terajima wins Silver Bear at Berlin

Actress wins for Koji Wakamatsu's 'Caterpillar'

TOKYO -- Shinobu Terajima won the best actress award at Berlin on Saturday, the first win for a Japanese since 1975, while fest-favorite Yoji Yamada was honored with a Berlinale Camera.

Terajima, 37, won the Silver Bear for her portrayal of a wife struggling to cope with her husband, who returns limbless from WWII, in Koji Wakamatsu's "Caterpillar."

Having already left Berlin due to stage commitments in Osaka on Sunday, she held a news conference there after her win was announced. Director Wakamatsu read out a statement from Terajima at the Berlin ceremony in which she called for an end to war across the world.

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Yamada, whose film "Ototo" ("About Her Brother") closed the fest on Sunday, was given the Berlinale Camera award in recognition of the festival’s appreciation of the veteran director, who has been a regular guest over the years.