Teri Hatcher, Disney launching Web site

Female-centric GetHatched.com to be 'a chick's guide to life'

Teri Hatcher has teamed with Disney to launch a Web site for chicks.

The "Desperate Housewives" star has a tease of her GetHatched.com site set to begin Monday, but it launches in earnest in the spring.

Nicknamed "a chick's guide to life," the site is produced by Disney Family.com, with creative and editorial insight from Hatcher and a small team of contributors.

For Disney, it's a way to broaden its Family.com portfolio to women in general, as opposed to its core audience of mothers, said Emily Smith, vp at the Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio.

That portfolio consists of four flagship sites -- Family.com, Kaboose.com, FamilyFun.com and BabyZone.com -- and a few less-trafficked sites that together garner 8 million-10 million unique visitors per month. GetHatched is being groomed as the group's fifth flagship.

As for Hatcher, a twice-divorced mother of a 12-year-old daughter, it's expected to be a primary addition to the many venues she uses to deliver her message of female empowerment. Hatcher writes and blogs for such outlets as Glamour U.K. and Newsweek magazines and Modernmom.com and penned a best-selling book, "Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life."

"I have a compelling passion to be a woman with other women," Hatcher said. "We're the caregivers, the teachers, the lovers."

Financial details of the arrangement weren't disclosed, except that the free site is expected to generate revenue through advertising.

"I'm just open and talk about anything, usually with humor, because that's what gets me through the day," she added. "I don't self-edit."

Celebrity guests are expected to weigh in as well, though she said her "Housewives" colleagues don't even know about the project.

"This isn't the Teri Hatcher reality series," she said. "I'm not afraid to talk about what worked for me and what hasn't."

Like the time she rushed out of the house, her hair looking a wreck, to pick up a few groceries and was met by paparazzi. An unflattering photo in magazines and on the Internet was the result.

"I should have taken an extra 30 seconds to show I have style," she said.
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