'Terminator: Genisys' Team Talks Tech at Hollywood Premiere

Terminator Genisys Trailer Jason Clarke Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Terminator Genisys Trailer Jason Clarke Still - H 2015

The newest incarnation of the Terminator franchise revisits Judgment Day yet again, this time in 2017.

Keeping true to the characters created by James Cameron decades ago, Terminator: Genisys finds the Connors once again in the middle of a technological takeover.

At Sunday night’s Hollywood premiere at the Dolby Theatre, producer David Ellison explained bringing the Terminator to a modern audience. “Mankind’s relationship with technology has changed since the original Terminator movies were made,” he said. “We now line up in front of Apple stores; can’t wait to get the latest and greatest technology to invite into our lives, which allowed us to posit a world where Skynet no longer needed to bang down your front door, because you were willingly handing the keys over to the machine without even knowing about it.”

“Genisys is Google is Apple is Oracle,” said director Alan Taylor, echoing Ellison’s sentiments. “Our current unease with technology figures into our movie…. Pretty certain everybody here is carrying at least one device and then hooks it into something they’re not sure they can control or trust. And that creepiness is something we tried to tap into.”

In a franchise notorious for twists and turns, Terminator: Genisys takes one of the only constants and flips it on its head: John Connor.

“Well [the fans] won’t be surprised because Paramount told everybody,” said Taylor of the twist on the usually heroic character. “But they’ll be, I hope, intrigued and impressed by what we do with it…everybody knew that the ship was going to sink in Titanic and it was still a compelling and emotional experience so I thought, why not?”

“I think they’ll enjoy it. Yeah, I believe they’ll go for the ride,” said Jason Clarke, who plays Connor. “The whole question of saving the world or being responsible for saving the world becomes a lot more deeper than what it was.”

The always tech-savvy and newly modernized world of the Terminator franchise carried through to its premiere, starting with pyrotechnics on the red (industrial gray) carpet. Cast and crew enthusiastically celebrated the night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which was elegantly decorated in a style reminiscent of the film’s industrial world.

Other attendees included the film’s stars: Game of Throne's Emilia Clarke (Dragon Queen turned Sarah Connor), Jai Courtney and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who returned to his iconic roots, this time as a Terminator called “Pops.” 

The film hits theaters July 1.