'Terminator Genisys': Will Arnold's Return Top Rambo and Indiana Jones?

He's back ... just like a lot of other guys

This week, we got our first taste of what Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the Terminator territory with the Terminator Genisys trailer. The film marks his fourth time playing the T-800 (plus having his likeness used in Salvation). It'sa move that's not without controversy among fans. Some say why not let The Terminator rest in peace, while others think a gray-streaked T-800 looks pretty badass.

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But Schwarzenegger is hardly the first guy to return to a decades-old franchise. Below we look at three recent examples and how they faired — and want you to sound off on which was the best. 

Rocky in his prime (1976's Rocky)

And … Rocky 30 years later (2006's Rocky Balboa)

The verdict: Rocky Balboa helped cleanse the pallet after Rocky V, which is largely considered the weakest in the franchise. How good was it? Look no further than one of the best inspirational speeches since Bill Pullman's in Independence Day. There's more Rocky on the way, with Sylvester Stallone coming back for a spinoff film about Apollo Creed's grandson.

Here's Indy in his prime (1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark)

And… Indy in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

The verdict: It did fine with the critics, boasting a 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. And it took in a series high $786.6 million worldwide. But fans never really took to it, particularly lambasting the idea that Harrison Ford's Indy could survive a nuclear blast … by hiding in a refrigerator.

Rambo in his prime (1982's Rambo: First Blood)

Rambo three decades later (Rambo, 2008)

The verdict: Stallone loves to revive old franchises, and Rambo is no exception. The revival wasn't loved by critics, but fans just looking for a bloody good time seemed to enjoy it.

What's your take? Let us know in the comments and the poll below.