'Terminator' premiere a de facto TCA



Execs and television writers were operating under the coat of an uneasy truce Wednesday night at the premiere of Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," held at the Cinerama Dome with an afterparty atop the Arclight parking structure.

The show, a midseason entry, normally would've been showcased during the annual January press tour of the Television Critics Assn. Faced by possible boycott by writers and actors, the networks scrapped their TCA plans, and the press tour was ultimately canceled.

"This is the closest thing to a TCA we'll get," said one attendee at the premiere, which enjoyed a big turnout.

The writing staff of the series also showed up after writer/exec producer Josh Friedman received blessing from the WGA.

"I've been working on the show for two years, it's been my life, and there hasn't been a lot of good things to celebrate for writers in the last few months," Friedman said. "So I wanted to be here to celebrate. I'm proud the show, I'm proud of my actors. And a lot of my crew is here and I want to support them."

But amid the celebration, Friedman had the ongoing strike on his mind.

"It's important for people to remember that there are writers in this town, and we're the ones that start these projects," he said. "And if people want to see more of these episodes, then the AMPTP needs to come back to the table and give us a fair deal on new media. It's as simple as that."