'Terminator' stays on top overseas

Finishes No. 1 in more than 30 territories

Despite the foreign introduction of three big summer titles, including Warner Bros.' domestic boxoffice winner "The Hangover," Sony's "Terminator Salvation" remained atop the international circuit during the weekend by grossing an estimated $45 million from 10,323 screens in 80 territories.

A No. 1 Japan opening for the fourth title in the sci-fi action series, which has played overseas since May 27, generated $10.4 million from 697 sites. The film's China bow registered $5.2 million from 1,671 locations. In all, "Salvation" took the No. 1 spot in more than 30 territories.

"Salvation's" international cume stands at $164.8 million, of which $140.3 million originates from territories handled by Sony. During its second weekend in the U.K., the film finished No. 2 with $3.4 million from 875 locations. In France, its second weekend produced $2.8 million from 737 locations.

The overseas weekend was moderate overall, with torrid temperatures in many European markets complicating boxoffice action.
"The Hangover" finished No. 4 on the weekend with $11.9 million from more than 1,340 screens in 15 markets. The comedy's No. 1 U.K. opening produced $5.2 million, including previews, from 424 screens. A No. 1 bow in Australia generated $2.8 million from 226 sites. The film opens Wednesday in Belgium and Friday in Italy.

Sony's "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," which opened No. 3 domestically, finished out of the top five overseas with $2.4 million from 417 screens, mostly in Asia and the Middle East. In Korea, the Tony Scott-helmed Columbia/MGM title starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta grossed $792,162 from 241 locations, bowing in the No. 5 market position. .

Also out of the top five overseas was Universal's family comedy/fantasy "Land of the Lost," which ranked No. 5 during its second weekend domestically. The Will Ferrell vehicle opened at 717 sites in five markets for an offshore tally of $3.2 million. A No. 3 bow in Australia produced $1.2 million from 194 screens, and a No. 2 debut in Russia generated $1.4 million from 100 locations.

Finishing second was Fox's "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," which took the No. 1 spot in its Mexico bow (grabbing a 38% market share with $3.2 million from 440 sites) and ranked first during its20second Korea round ($6.9 million from 446 screens). Overall, the family comedy, starring Ben Stiller, drew $18.5 million from 8,300 sites in 67 markets, raising its international cume to $175.9 million (vs. $143.4 domestic).

In third position was Sony's "Angels & Demons," which grossed $13.8 million from 7,107 screens for an overseas cume of $314.8 million. In Germany, "The Da Vinci Code" follow-up, starring Tom Hanks, finished No. 1 during its fifth stanza with $2.7 million from 807 screens for a market cume of $40.7 million.

At No. 5 on the weekend was Pixar/Disney's "Up," which continued its graduated foreign rollout by grossing $9 million from 1,950 locales in 11 territories.

"Up's" international total stands at $27.1 million and its worldwide cume at $213.8 million. The animation title finished first in 12 markets, with its second Mexico weekend generating $1.3 million from 413 screens (a mere 39% drop from its opening weekend) for a market cume of $4.3 million. A Ukraine opening looms this weekend.

Mandate/Universal's "Drag Me to Hell" looks to register $4.5 million on the weekend from about 1,400 screens in holdover territories and about 25 new markets. Mandate is handling at least 10 territories, and Universal has 14 markets. International cume from all markets is $12.8 million. Universal will premiere Sam Raimi's horror title July 31 in Spain.

Disney's "Hannah Montana: The Movie" finished its second Germany round in the market's No. 4 spot, eliciting $1.8 million from 52 6 sites for a market cume of $5.2 million. The overseas weekend figure for the Miley Cyrus teen-pop saga was $3.6 million from 2,o67 locations in 21 territories, pushing its foreign cume of $47.4 million. The film opens this week in France and Greece.

Paramount's "Star Trek" grossed $3.3 million from 2,367 locations in 46 markets. Its overseas cume stands at $118.6 million making the rebooted "Trek" by far the biggest foreign grosser of the 11-title series. .

Focus/Universal's "Coraline" upped its international cume to $29.7 million thanks to a $2.5 million weekend from 1,451 screens in 28 markets. Debuts in four markets were capped by a No. 3 opening in France, which produced $1.2 million from 438 locations.
In Japan, Toho's "Rookies" in its third weekend grabbed the No. 2 spot with $8.1 million drawn from 428 locations for a market cume since May 30 of $49.4 million.

In France, "The French Kissers," Pathe's teen-sex comedy from first-time director Riad Sattouf -- which played in the Directors' Fortnight at the Festival de Cannes -- opened No. 2 in the market with $1.8 million from 201 locations.

Other newcomers were SND's release of Darren Grant's dance title "Make It Happen," starring Mar y Elizabeth Winstead, which bowed at No. 6 with $647,207 from 155 locations; and UGC's Amanda Sthers-helmed "Je Vais te manquer," starring Carole Bouquet and Pierre Arditi, which opened No. 7 with $638,949 from 222 screens.

Pedro Almodovar's "Broken Embraces," from Pathe, finished No. 9 in France with $566,959 from 399 locales. Its market cume stands at $5.8 million.

Other international cumes: Universal's "Duplicity," $36 million; Fox's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," $179.6 million (thanks to a $1.4 million weekend from 1,900 screens in 33 markets); Universal's "Fast & Furious," $194.1 million; New Line's "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," $14.1 million; Universal's "State of Play," $31.5 million; DreamWorks/Paramount's "I Love You, Man," $14.9 million; Fox's "Marley & Me," $100.2 million; Universal's "Fighting," $4.8 million; DreamWorks Animation/Paramount's "Monsters vs. Aliens," $171.4 million through 11 weeks; Universal's "The Boat That Rocked," $24 million; Paramount's "The Uninvited," $8.8 million; New Line's "17 Again," $61.9 million (versus $61.7 million domestic); Pathe/Fox's "Slumdog Millionaire," $216.2 million; New Line's "He's Just Not That Into You," $72.2 million; Universal's "The Last House on the Left," $4.5 million (Universal territories only); Fox's "Dragonball Evolution," $48.2 million; Fox's "Taken," $74.6 million; Universal's "The Unborn," $32.3 million; Fox's "12 Rounds," $4.9 million; New Line's "Coco Avant Chanel," $1.4 million; Fox's "Notorious," $6.3 million; and Fox's "Secret Life of Bees," $2 million.