Terrence Malick and Martin Sheen's 'The Vessel' Gets Distribution Deal (Exclusive)

Martin Sheen - Getty - H 2016
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Martin Sheen - Getty - H 2016

The film is set to open in theaters in September.

The Vessel, an independent film starring Martin Sheen and executive produced by Terrence Malick, will open in the U.S. on Sept. 16 in two versions — one in Spanish and one in English — through a distribution deal with Outsider Pictures and Mucho Mas Media.

The pic stars Sheen as a Catholic priest in a small Latin American town where a tidal wave destroys a local school packed with children. Following the catastrophe, a young man uses the mangled pieces of the school to build a mysterious structure that reignites old passions in the town.

The Vessel was written and directed by newcomer Julio Quintana. Beyond Malick, additional executive producers include Sarah Green, who worked on The Tree of Life with Malick, and Mark Joseph, who executive produced Max Rose starring Jerry Lewis. The film is produced by Marla Quintana, the director's wife.

The Vessel has Sheen reuniting with Malick after first working together on 1973's Badlands, the first feature film Malick directed. Badlands was Sheen's breakout film, and the actor has credited Malick for reawakening him spiritually, helping him to re-embrace his Catholic upbringing.

The filmmakers said Sheen signed on to star in The Vessel 48 hours after Malick sent him the script.

The Vessel "is resonating with both arthouse and faith audiences," said Outside Pictures founder Paul Hudson. "The film is also unique in that it was shot in both English and Spanish, so we have two versions available for the U.S. market."