Terrence Malick Accidentally Filmed By TMZ (Video)

Terrence Malick
20th Century Fox

With the Batman franchise wrapped, Bale is making his next two movies with Terrence Malick, Lawless and Knight of Cups. The two first worked together on The New World in 2005.

The celebrity gossip site videotaped an exchange with actor Benicio del Toro, unaware that his dinner companion was the "Tree of Life" director.

For better or worse, Terrence Malick fans no longer have the same old press photo to look at when they want an image of the reclusive filmmaker.

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Saturday night, TMZ reported an on-camera exchange with actor Benicio del Toro, inadvertently capturing Malick at the same time. As an interviewer questioned del Toro outside a Hollywood restaurant about which countries should be inducted into “the Union,” Malick was captured in the background as he waited with the actor at the valet stand.

TMZ was unaware of Malick’s identity until Vulture picked up the story early Wednesday and pointed out the filmmaking titan’s presence. Malick, the director of Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line and Tree of Life, is notoriously press shy, seldom conducting interviews – even, or perhaps especially, to promote his films. But even though the new footage won’t likely provide any new glamour shots of the filmmaker, it’s noteworthy for being one of the very few images of Malick in any form for several years. (The picture at the top of this story is the same one many media outlets have used for years.)

Watch the video below for the first public image of mythical director Terrence Malick: