Terrorist suspect auditioned for 'Canadian Idol'

Khurram Sher was arrested for being part of an Ottawa cell

TORONTO -- As terrorist blooper videos go, this one's a keeper.

Khurram Sher, arrested Thursday by Canadian authorities for allegedly being part of an Ottawa terrorist cell, in 2008 crooned on nationwide TV while auditioning for "Canadian Idol."

The YouTube video of the CTV telecast reveals a bearded Sher, who was born and raised in Montreal, telling the "Canadian Idol" judges he came to Canada in "2k5" from Pakistan.

Sher, a doctor trained at McGill University, Canada's top medical school, then proceeded to badly sing Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" while moon-walking and doing the robot dance in traditional Pakistani clothes.

It wasn't complicated for the four "Canadian Idols" judges to pan Sher's performance.

"Have you ever thought of being a comedian," Sass Jordan asked a smirking Sher.

"Not really, I like hockey, music, acting," he replied.

Fellow judge Jake Gold declared his dance moves good, but his singing bad, before turning thumbs down.

Sher's photo is all over Canadian newspaper and TV screens now, however, after he was named in a court filing Thursday as part of a homegrown conspiracy to "knowingly facilitate terrorist activities" in Canada and abroad.

Sher was arrested in London, Ontario, where he practiced medicine, and remains in custody.
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