Terry Crews Shares Adam Venit's Apology Letter

In the lengthy note the actor shared, the former agent takes responsibility for his actions and asks for forgiveness.

Terry Crews on Friday said he accepted an apology from Adam Venit now that the agent has resigned his post at WME.

Along with his social media message, the film and TV star shared a letter authored by Venit to Crews, which was sent back in March. 

In the lengthy note, Venit takes responsibility for his actions and asks Crews for forgiveness after he was outed for sexually assaulting Crews during a party years ago. 

Crews came forward with his story during the height of the #MeToo era; he went on to be one of the loudest voices for change and accountability in the movement to end sex crimes and harassment in the industry. He even testified before Congress.

Crews made it clear in his Friday tweet that he only accepted Venit's apology because he resigned from WME, which occurred Sept. 6. Crews sued both the agent and agency after law enforcement declined to prosecute a criminal case. The civil matter was settled out of court. 

Venit was put on leave by WME after Crews made his allegation, but after some months, he was allowed to return to his role. 

In his letter to Crews, Venit said he was trying to be a better man. "I have dedicated myself to spiritual self-discovery in an effort to be the best person I can be for the rest of my life, and hopefully make difference to me, my family and everyone I know," he wrote. 

Crews ended his Friday tweet with "#Accountability." 

Read Venit's full letter below.