Terry Gilliam's 'The Zero Theorem' Acquired for Summer Release

Amplify and Well Go USA Entertainment picked up the sci-fi project.

Amplify and Well Go USA Entertainment have acquired the rights to The Zero Theorem, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail writer and director Terry Gilliam.

Amplify will handle The Zero Theorem's theatrical and digital distribution rights, with the film being released across the U.S. in late summer, and Well Go USA will release the film on DVD and Blu-ray.

Directed by Gilliam -- also known for Brazil and Twelve Monkeys -- the film stars two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz as Qohen Leth, an isolated computer genius who obsessively works on a project delegated to him by Management (Matt Damon).

The task: Discover the meaning of life. The problem: Leth finds himself disturbed by unwanted visitors whom he doesn't fully trust, including the coquettish Bainsley (Melanie Thierry); Management's successful son, Bob (Lucas Hedges); his unpredictable coworker, Joby (David Thewlis); and his would-be therapist, Dr. Shrink-Rom (Tilda Swinton). The solution: The power of love and desire allow Leth to understand his reason for existence.

The film was written by Pat Rushin and produced by Academy Award winner Nicolas Chartier and Dean Zanuck. Gilliam said of their collaborative work: "The Zero Theorem is a very unique film that I'm especially proud of, so it is a relief to be distributed by a company that is not afraid to push the boundaries."

The deal was handled by Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard Rose of Voltage Pictures on behalf of the filmmakers: Kent Sanderson, Dylan Marchetti and Logan Mulvey of Amplify and Doris Pfardrescher of Well Go USA.

"As someone who wore out a VHS of Brazil and saw Twelve Monkeys in theaters three times," Sanderson explained, "I can say on the whole team's behalf that we're incredibly excited to share Gilliam's new take on society gone awry with the widest possible audience."

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