Terry Richardson Accused of Rape by Former Model Caron Bernstein

Terry Richardson - 2015 New York Fashion Week - Getty - H 2017
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Berstein recalled how the controversial photographer exposed his penis and forced himself into her mouth during a 2003 photoshoot.

Terry Richardson, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of models over the years, has now been accused of rape by model Caron Bernstein.

Bernstein, 47, recalls meeting with the controversial fashion photographer at his Lower East Side studio for a photo shoot in 2003, but it quickly took a turn when Richardson allegedly positioned her in a chair and started taking photos of her before exposing his penis and forcing himself into her mouth, Berstein told New York Daily News. "It was like literally being shot with a stun gun. My brain just went on pause," said Bernstein, who added that she "wasn't drugged, I wasn't handcuffed."

Bernstein, who said she was willing to pose topless during the photo shoot, remembered being told Richardson wanted to photograph her portraying a fragrance called "Sex" for an editorial in V magazine, adding that she thought it was a test shoot. During the incident, Richardson also allegedly ejaculated on her chest and then continued to take photos. After the alleged assault, Bernstein said she ran away crying to a pal's nearby boutique, where she told her friend about the traumatizing event.

Richardson, 52, denied the claims through his lawyer, Brad D. Rose, who issued a statement to Daily News, saying, "Ms. Bernstein knowingly and willingly posed for these photographs and at all times prior to and during the shoot, any contact she had with Mr. Richardson was consensual."

According to Daily News, a photo of Bernstein's upper torso was used in Richardson's 2004 coffee-table book Terryworld. Her face was not shown.

"I'm not a martyr and I'm not a saint, but if I could stop this from happening to one other person, I would be proud, and maybe I could get some kind of closure," Bernstein said of her decision to share her story.

Richardson, 52, has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by models for many years. Despite the allegations, he has continued to work with titles including and Dazed, and brands such as Versace and Supreme. He's also photographed many high-profile figures, including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto. However, Conde Nast International, Valentino and Diesel have all announced that they're cutting ties with Richardson, following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Berstein's story comes on the heels of two male models, Mark Ricketson and Jason Boyce, accusing Bruce Weber, another famous fashion photographer, of sexual harassment. Ricketson and Boyce are both being represented by Lisa Bloom.