Tesla Sponsors Children's Model S Drive

Courtesy of Radio Flyer
Tesla Model S for Kids garaged with full-size Model S.

Tesla's Model S for Kids gets its own drive event this weekend.

Tesla's newest model sports a lithium-ion battery, category-beating range and a months-long wait to get one in your garage.

No, it's not the fabled Model 3, with its 400,000-plus pre-orders, but the Tesla Model S for Kids, manufactured in conjunction with Radio Flyer, maker of iconic little red wagons.

As with the Model 3, demand for the pint-sized Model S, introduced at TED in February and tricked out in authentic Tesla paint with a top speed of 6 mph, caught Tesla and Radio Flyer by surprise. The May and June allocations for the car are sold out, meaning an order placed today for the $499 status-freighted kiddie car won't arrive until July at the earliest, thereby teaching little Joshua or Amanda an object lesson in deferred gratification.

In the meantime, Tesla is sponsoring a test drive event for the pint-sized Model S May 21-22 at its stores nationwide, where Mom and Dad can conveniently check out the full-sized Model S and Model X.

The Southern California event will be held at Tesla Motors at Fashion Island, Newport Beach. Given the Model S's penetration with Hollywood players — everyone from Steven Spielberg to Jeffrey Katzenberg drives one — industry attendance en famille could be robust.