Tesla Model S Earns First-Ever Perfect Score from Consumer Reports

Courtesy of Tesla
Tesla Model S

The Model S P85D is the first car to earn a score of 100 in the magazine's testing.

The all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S P85D earned a score of 100 in Consumer Reports' testing, the first time in the magazine's history a vehicle has attained a perfect score.

The electric car performed so well that it originally scored 103 before Consumer Reports changed its scoring methodology "to account for the car's exceptionally strong performance," said the magazine.

The $127,820 Model S was praised for its "gee-whiz innovation and astonishing performance," and that it "seems like a car from another planet," the magazine gushed.

The magazine singled out the car's stunning performance -- the P85D leapt from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds in their testing, a near supercar performance from a heavy, four-door sedan -- as well for being "ridiculously energy efficient," turning in the equivalent of 87 mpg.

The car's "spartan interior" -- when compared to the comparably priced Mercedes S550, which earned a 96, the next highest score in Consumer Reports' ratings -- and lack of voice commands were among the few shortcomings the magazine found.

In 2012, the Model S earned a score of 99, at the time the highest rating ever given by Consumer Reports

"The Model S requires no excuses," the magazine declared, adding that it is "an automotive mile post. It's a remarkable car that paves a new, unorthodox course, and it is a powerful statement for American startup ingenuity."