Tesla Model S Convertible Unveiled

Courtesy of New Convertible Engineering
Tesla Model S convertible

California-based Newport Convertible Engineering, not Tesla, will convert stock versions of the Model S for $25,000

A surefire sign a car model is hitting its stride is when aftermarket customizers roll the dice with conversions that enhance existing features or create new ones.

A convertible version of the Tesla Model S, a four-door electric sedan, would seem plausible — Tesla's first car, the now discontinued Roadster, was also a convertible.

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Now, Newport Convertible Engineering, based in Huntington Beach, California, has unveiled the first convertible Model S. (The company has previously converted Jaguars and even Range Rovers into convertibles.)

Reworking the Model S presented challenges because of the car's aluminum structure, but the conversion turned out to be fairly straightforward, according to Green Car Reports. A canvas roof, instead of a folding hard top, was specified, giving the car the slightly retro appearance of vintage ragtops like the Jaguar XKE.

Newport will charge $25,000 to convert a stock Model S, which starts at $70,000. The cars can be shipped directly from Tesla to the company for conversion.

The Model S was the third-best-selling car, electric or gas powered, in California last year.


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