Tesla Unveils Updated Model S

Telsa Model S -H 2016
Courtesy of Tesla Motors

The changes include a redesigned fascia and headlights, and new interior options.

Tesla Motors revealed an update of the Model S on its website Tuesday, the first significant redesign to the iconic electric sedan since it was introduced in 2012.

The changes include a revamped fascia, similar in appearance to Tesla's Model X SUV, which went on sale in September, and an upgrade to the air filtration system that allows the car to operate in what Tesla impishly calls Bioweapon Defense Mode, filtering 99.97 percent of particular exhaust pollution and other containments from the passenger cabin.

The Model S's interior, spartan when compared with other cars in its class, including the flagship Mercedes S and BMW 7 Series, gets two new figured wood grain options.

The car's standard charger is upgraded to 48 amps, enabling faster charging times.

The updated Model S begins production Tuesday at Tesla's Fremont, Calif., factory.