Tesla's Elon Musk Hints at New Model

AP Images
Elon Musk

"About time to unveil the D and something else," Musk teases

On the eve of the Paris Auto Show, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk lobbed a couple of provocative missives on Twitter that fueled speculation that a new model from the carmaker, which currently manufactures only the Model S sedan, could be imminent.

"About time to unveil the D and something else," Musk wrote cryptically Wednesday night, under a photo of the fascia of a car with a Tesla logo and the words "October 9, 2014."

The post created speculation that Tesla, which officially has only two cars in development — the Model X crossover SUV, scheduled to enter production in 2015, and the Model 3 sedan — is about to unveil a third new model. 

Musk took to Twitter again hours later, acknowledging the speculation and adding provocatively, "Glad I didn't mention the other letter."

While it is possible Musk will announce that Tesla has a new model in the works, it is more likely Musk is referring to an upgrade to the Model S, say industry experts, in particular a dual-motor all-wheel drive system, hence the "D."

Musk has said in the past that upgrades were coming for the Model S, and the Model X — which will be built on the same platform as the Model S — is scheduled to feature all-wheel drive.

"The smart money is on an all-wheel-drive Model S," Damon Lavrinc, Silicon Valley editor of auto website Jalopnik, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Development of an AWD Model X — based on the S platform — is almost done and so it wouldn't take much to adapt the sedan. There hasn't been substantial public update to the S since launch" two years ago, he added.

Tesla shares were up more than 3 percent Thursday morning following Musk's remarks.