'Test Baby' Super Bowl Ad to Be Altered After Drawing Complaints

Some viewers deemed HomeAway's commercial, featuring a doll smashing into a window, insensitive toward child abuse and injuries.

Vacation rental company HomeAway.com is planning to remove the image of a baby doll slamming into a window from its Super Bowl ad after receiving complaints that the ad was insensitive toward child abuse and injuries.

The commercial shows people trying to fit into a crowded hotel room in a testing lab, resulting in a "test baby" being flung against a window.

Brian Sharples, chief executive of the Austin, Texas-based company, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the company will remove from its website versions of the ad that depict the doll getting "smushed, smashed or dropped."

Sharples apologized, saying the company "failed to understand the reality" of families dealing with serious injuries to children, and said that the ad won't air again.