Test phase for d-cinema


In a development that some believe will help quicken the pace of the digital-cinema transition, the studio consortium Digital Cinema Initiatives has completed and made available its DCI Compliance Test Plan for its digital-cinema system specification.

"The test plan is comprehensive and provides the necessary insight and guidance to manufacturers, integrators and exhibitors on the details required for testing and compliance," the DCI member studios said.

Six months ago, DCI engaged technology development and consulting organization CineCert to finalize the plan, which includes validated test procedures for the DCI specification, version 1.1, including all referenced standards from standards-setting body the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. It details test procedures appropriate for each class of digital-cinema device, such as projectors, servers and media blocks.

"We hope the plan helps create an atmosphere of certainty in manufacturing, purchasing and deploying digital-cinema equipment," CineCert CTO John Hurst said.

DCI is considering several entities that have expressed interest in becoming licensed facilities to perform the tests detailed in the new plan. A selection process is under way.

DCI, created in March 2002, is a joint venture of Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.