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Priority 3 ... Internet Telephony is a technology by means of which one can connect to any device anywhere in the world. This system is very useful as it saves a lot of time and money. It increases the overall productivity of an organization through timely communication, web access and sharing of files. It is one system, the presence of which reduces operational costs that can be achieved by merging emails, voice mails and fax systems. This system of telephony has incredibly contributed to enhancing customer satisfaction by offering the latest service options.

There are certain Internet telephony software that provide free telephone calls to any part of the world. However, in VoIP the user is facilitated with the connection at reasonably low price rates. The price is always less as compared to the traditional phone lines where the service provider has to bear huge expanses in connecting homes and offices with long wires. Thus, developing VoIP services has become a priority of all companies that are telephone service providers. Companies now have started to undergo coalition whereby it is possible for different companies to undertake a venture to access the VoIP network.