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The VoIP is good as it endorses all the services of telephony and even exceeds them. This has led to the spread of this technology to such an extent that in every home it is being used as a secondary telephone connection if not primary. It has definitely improved the credibility of voice over IP options. The IP telephony service is indiscriminately being accessed over the Internet. This has led to a joy among people as now they avail a cheap way to send and terminate calls. The voice services convert voice to a digital signal that are then transferred over the Internet at a high speed. This increases productivity to a significant extent. The overall technology helps to transfer voice signals in the form of digital packets. The connectivity is also elated with options such as free calls, lower call rates charged for national as well as international calls, immediate billing, easy proximity to customers and easy maintenance. This system empowers instant invoice slip for each phone booth/ call.

The VoIP is not just confined to small or medium sized organisations. In fact, it is being largely accepted in large organisations as well. This technology has also made a very firm place for itself at households as a large number of people have started to avail its services with lot of enthusiasm. Now in the presence of VoIP Internet Telephony, it is possible for people to remain connected anywhere in the world. One can undertake a conference with other family members as there is the option of 'conference calling' with this technology. As the clientèle have increased, it has simultaneously led to an increase in the number of Internet telephony service providers. Consequently, the competition is always at a high