Testronic grows HD testing


Testronic Labs has expanded its Burbank-based Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD test facility, including emerging network connected features.

The facility now offers testing and quality control services for Blu-ray, including HDMV, BD-J and BD-Live; and HD DVD, including HDi features such as Web connectivity.

"Since Blu-ray and HD DVD formats have been introduced to the home entertainment industry, there have been substantial changes to quality assurance services, especially with regard to the network-connected capabilities we are beginning to see on these projects," Testronic executive vp Seth Hallen said. "These high-definition disc projects have now become very sophisticated software projects."

When asked if he had seen any change in testing needs for the HD formats, Hallen said, "No, there has been no noticeable change in needs for testing services for either format."

Testronic has been working with businesses like Deluxe.