Testronic Labs to Launch New File-Based Lab

The facility, expected to open in late June, will offer services from mastering to digital distribution to consumers, among other things.

Testronic Labs is launching a new file-based lab in Burbank, offering services from mastering through to digital distribution to consumers, in addition to quality assurance and quality control.

The facility is expected to open in late June, with 1500 sq. ft. of space. Phase 2, bringing the operation to 3000 sq. ft., is expected to be completed in early Fall.

“Even though editing had evolved into a digital file-based process, the traditional workflow still had camera masters, final masters, and deliverables almost exclusively on videotape,” explained Seth Hallen, CEO of Testronic. “More recently, all aspects of the workflow can now be done without content ever landing on videotape. The content remains in digital computer files, passed from one system to another – camera to edit to exhibition to encoder (Blu-ray/DVD/download) to storage.”

The core of the new lab features a project and asset management system that will include proprietary developments.