Tetris is coming to television

Dish, Oberon and Tetris launch TV game service

NEW YORK -- Tetris is coming to television.

Satellite TV giant Dish Network, casual games company Oberon Media and the Tetris Company on Wednesday announced the launch of Tetris TV, an interactive TV game service.

Dish is Oberon's first partner in North America, but the company plans to roll out the service with additional partners worldwide.

Tetris TV will be available to Dish customers for $2.99 per month and allow viewers to play game classic Tetris with a few clicks of their remote controls.

Actually, the service offers two versions of Tetris -- Marathon, which has 15 levels, and 40 Lines, in which players must clear 40 lines as quickly as possible.

In future iterations, subscribers will also be able to compete with one another in tournaments or by posting their names and scores to boards.

"Tetris is one of the most popular games in history, and we're proud to provide Tetris TV to our customers," said Michael Kelly, executive vp of direct, commercial and advertising sales for Dish.

Added Jonathan Boltax, senior director of ITV programming and service management at Oberon: "The Tetris game is the perfect example of satiating the public's ravenous appetite to play casual games on all platforms, and it's a perfect fit for the iTV platform."