‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Heading Back to Screen ... in 3D (Cannes)

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
John Luessenhop

John Luessenhop is in talks to direct the Lionsgate project, with production slated to begin in June.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is heading back to the big screen, this time in 3D.

John Luessenhop is in talks to direct the Lionsgate project, which is being produced by Carl Mazzocone.

Production is slated to begin in June.

The movie will be a joint Lionsgate and Nu Image production, with Lionsgate distributing the movie in the U.S. and Nu Image selling international rights at Cannes. 

Carl Mazzocone is producing the movie, which hopes to launch a new franchise featuring Leatherface and his family of cannibals. Mazzocone was production president of horror house Twisted Pictures before becoming an independent producer; he pursued the rights to the property and came away with a deal to make up to six movies. 

The original Chainsaw is considered a landmark horror movie. Directed by Tobe Hooper, the 1974 pic introduced the chainsaw wielding cannibal known as Leatherface to audiences.

This isn’t the first time the movie is getting remade. New Line and Platinum Dunes remade the movie in 2003 (it grossed $80 million domestically) and made a prequel in 2006.