TF1, Endemol ink two-year deal

Gallic TV network to air Endemol programs

PARIS -- Gallic TV network TF1 has partnered with Endemol's French arm for a two-year media content and production deal.

TF1 Group's channels will have access to Endemol's complete catalog including all nonscripted programs (reality TV, game shows, major events coverage), TV dramas and daytime programs.

TF1, currently the top network in Gaul, will have new-media rights -- including Internet, mobile, catch-up TV services, VOD and digital-media formats -- for all of Endemol's programs.

The pact "will bring in new audiences throughout current and future broadcasting and distribution networks," TF1 CEO Nonce Paolini said.

It will fit perfectly with "the changes in the French audiovisual landscape and with Endemol France's strategy of diversification in all program genres," added Endemol France CEO Virginie Calmels.

The partnership takes effect Sept. 1.