TF1 signs 10-year deal for 'Da Jammies'


CANNES -- TF1 International, the worldwide distribution arm of French media group TF1, has signed a 10-year distribution deal for FarCor Studios' animated weekly children's series "Da Jammies," the companies said Monday.

TF1 bought all licensing rights to the music video-style cartoon -- excluding merchandising and DVD sales -- for all territories outside of North America.

"Jammies" revolves around six suburban kids who sing, rap and dance their way to fame.

"Together with TF1 International we are charting a responsible course with this property," FarCor co-president Dwayne Corbitt said. "Hopefully it will reach, influence and inspire kids of today and tomorrow in both positive and remarkable ways."

TF1 will inherit "Jammies' " original hip-hop lyrics, dance moves and fashion created for the family-friendly program.

"The relationship between FarCor Studios and TF1 International is a major piece of the puzzle in our effort to build 'Da Jammies' into a worldwide property, and we expect it to spawn further activities very soon in the distribution, licensing and merchandising arenas," FarCor global president of distribution and co-productions Rose Adkins said.