TF1 Vision, Numericable to share content


PARIS -- TF1's VOD subsidiary, TF1 Vision, has inked a deal with French cable operator Numericable to make its content available on Numericable's cable network in high definition, both parties said Wednesday.

A designated TF1 Vision store will be available on the Video Club Numericable Web site, giving Numericable subscribers access to hundreds of TF1 programs available in streaming video 24 hours after purchase.

As of this summer, TF1 Vision will offer its programs in high definition via the Numericable network in DVB-C streaming, a step up from regular ADSL technology.

TF1 plans to offer Numericable consumers exclusive programs including popular U.S. series "House," "Lost" and "Ugly Betty" in addition to such feature films as "National Treasure" and "Captivity" and hometown comedy shows featuring "Welcome to the Land of the Sticks" director and star Dany Boon.

The alliance will give cable subscribers an HD-VOD experience "synonymous with freedom, simplicity, comfort and even more innovations," TF1 Video president Pierre Brossard said in a statement.