Thailand’s Transformation Films Seeks To Expand Collaboration With South Korea's CJ

The first project will be a movie for teenagers called 'Touching the Sky'.

Thailand’s Transformation Films is exploring ways to expand its collaboration with South Korea's CJ Entertainment, the Thai partner’s CEO, Sangar Chatchairungruang, said, and the first project will be a movie aimed at the teen market.

"It's not yet company-to-company but we start with talks," Chatchairungruang told THR in a phone interview in Bangkok.

Transformation is hoping for a broad cooperation agreement with CJ Entertainment, which it hopes will help it develop the Thai film industry by using Korean capital and know-how, while they were also hoping to expand cooperation on distribution.

Transformation was impressed by CJ’s regional pan-Asia network and believes it can help the Korean side by reciprocating within Thailand.

"We are thinking of that kind of cooperation too, to bring Korean films to Thailand," said Chatchairungruang. "We plan to do this in the future."

The Thai company is also dealing with some Chinese companies, the one he mentioned being C2M, and hope to do one project with them by the end of the year, he added.

The two companies have already spent more than $1.84 million (60 million baht) on the youth movie, Tae Kob Fha (Touching the Sky), featuring the Thai singer Nichkhun Horvejkul.

The movie was 80 per cent shot in Korea and is about a Thai teenager who dreams of, and becomes, a superstar with some help from Horvejkul.

Currently in post-production the film should be at multiplexes in two months, in time for the Thai holiday season.