Thursday Tunes: DJ Nikki Pennie's Friendsgiving Playlist

Alex Aristei
Nikki Pennie's

The British DJ — otherwise recognized as "The SheJ" — shares the tracks that'll be on repeat as she celebrates Thanksgiving with her closest pals.

It's Thanksgiving and you have the oven-roasted baked turkey, homemade pumpkin pie and stretchy pants ready to go. Now the only thing that's missing? A poppin' playlist to help you get through that second (or third) serving of stuffing and green-bean casserole. But not to worry should you fail to find the time to create your own list because L.A.-based, British DJ Nikki Pennie, who's better known as The SheJ when she's spinning on the turntable, has curated a mix of tunes that's perfect for feasting with family and friends.

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From Coldplay's "Adventure of a Lifetime" to Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World," Pennie selected "an eclectic mix of new and old tunes that I thought could be fun for a Friendsgiving soiree." Here, the newly appointed Dior Beauty ambassador shares her upcoming plans for Thanksgiving weekend and the one delicious dish she'll be preparing for Thursday.

Pret-a-Reporter: Congrats on your new gig with Dior Beauty!

It's incredibly exciting for me as this was a dream of mine ever since I started DJing two years ago! It was already such an honor to wear Dior to DJ and now am involved with the house officially and their amazing team. There will be lots of of Dior Beauty looks coming from my booth just in time for award season!

But first, what are your plans for Thanksgiving weekend?

Christmas is our big holiday in the U.K., so I go home then and spend it with my family. Therefore Thanksgiving for me is Friendsgiving. I will spend time with my English friends that live out here and then every year I am kindly adopted by one of my best friend Holly Wiersma's family, so I always have a very American Thanksgiving.

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What are you most thankful for this season?

I am definitely most thankful for my friends! I am incredibly lucky to have the most supportive and wonderful friends here in L.A. Without them I would probably not have a career as a SheJ! I am thankful for my friend, Cat, to have been like a big sister to me over the past few years, Rosie for having faith that I could actually become a DJ and lending me her equipment (that she just happened  to have for a hobby) when I started and the fabulous movie producer, Heather Parry, for helping me get one of my first gigs.

Any particular dishes you'll be preparing on Thursday?

One of my big passions is baking. My favorite show to steam from the U.K. is the The Great British Bake Off. My friends and I were recently taught by a French chef that we know to make a peach pie — it was so much fun! Five girls in the kitchen baking and dancing to the soundtrack of TLC. I plan on baking my version of a gluten-free pumpkin pie this year and many more sweet treats using healthier recipes with maple syrup and almond flour. Hopefully they are edible!

Check out Pennie's Friendsgiving playlist below.