'Thanksgivukkah' Leads to Holiday High Jinks in Funny or Die Movie Trailer (Video)

Funny or Die

Nick Kroll, Penny Marshall and Fred Willard star in a preview for a fake film about a man who tries to juggle Thanksgiving and Hanukkah while keeping his in-laws from finding out he's Jewish.

Freaking out over Thanksgivukkah, the rare convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, which happens this Thursday?

You're not alone. A new Funny or Die video uses Thanksgivukkah as the basis for a fake movie trailer, starring Nick Kroll as a man forced to juggle two celebrations as he attempts to keep his in-laws from discovering his Jewish heritage.

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After Kroll's character discovers that both holidays fall on the same day, his parents and his wife's parents both show up and he dashes between two separate dinners, trying to hide the signs of where he's been.

"What are those? Latkes?," ask his wife's dad, played by Fred Willard, after he brings a plate back to the table from his Hanukkah celebration in the garage. "These? No. They're turkeys, tiny turkeys," Kroll's character says.

Later, he shows up wearing a yarmulke on top of a pilgrim hat, which Willard notices, adding, "Why is he even wearing a pilgrim hat in the first place?"

He also brings back a menorah and accidentally tosses a few small dreidels on the table.

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But, as a voiceover informs us, it's not that big of an issue.

"It's not actually a problem for anyone -- except for this guy," the voiceover says.

Kroll's character's mom, played by Penny Marshall, agrees: "Religiously, Hanukkah is not a big deal."

His dad adds: "Having us here tonight is idiotic."

His friend, played by Kumail Nanjiani, concurs, saying, "It seems like a manufactured conflict."

Indeed, the voiceover concludes, revealing the name of the movie, "It's a made-up problem and he is, The Crazy Man."

Watch the full video below.

The Thanksgivukkah Movie Trailer from Penny Marshall